The RMIS Carrier Directory.

The RMIS Carrier Directory, an online, searchable database containing thousands of ready-to-load carriers currently in use by freight brokers and freight forwarders. The RMIS Directory is a comprehensive carrier database containing detailed profile information including equipment types, operating areas, active certificates of insurance, commodities, DOT and FMCSA information. Freight brokers and forwarders can prospect for all types of carriers through the easy-to-navigate web-based application, 24 hours a day.

“What makes our database indispensable is the fact that brokers can search for carriers by both publicly available data AND profile data unique to RMIS. This type of detailed carrier profile information will significantly assist our clients’ ability to move freight,” said Pete Lunenfeld, Executive Vice President of RMIS.

The RMIS Directory is unique, providing brokers and forwarders access to data NOT available from public sources. The data includes Cargo Liability (coverage, limits, etc.) directly obtained from insurance producers, as well as expanded profile information available only through RMIS. All carrier data is continuously updated with thousands of new carriers being added to the directory each month.

“Our goal is to continuously create new products to help our customers improve their operational efficiency, minimize their liabilities and grow their business. We are confident the RMIS Carrier Directory will be a valuable asset to brokers and forwarders who must continually prospect for new carrier resources,” said RMIS President, Hayden Landon.

About RMIS.

Since 1996

Registry Monitoring Insurance Services was founded by Hayden Landon in 1996 and has earned its respected position in the transportation industry by combining customized insurance solutions with cutting edge technology. Their highly specialized products include Carrier Insurance Monitoring, Contingent Cargo Coverage, Spike Insurance, Shipper’s Interest Coverage and CRS Plus, the industry-leading automated carrier onboarding service.